ATO: Bridging The Divide Podcast,Episode 79 September 24, 2023

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia: Act Outside the Box

Welcome back ATO Family,

Today, we welcome the boss of Dallas PD back to the microphone as we talk about the Dallas Police Department’s mission in making mental wellness a priority.

Over the last couple of months, Dallas has endured tragedies with officers taking their own life as well as losing officers to medical emergencies.

Chief Eddie Garcia is here to talk about making his employee’s health a priority and is dedicated to establishing a culture to come forward and get help more importantly, trust in the system.

The first responder’s world has long stigmas in officers seeking help. We are very good at saving people but often do not make our own mental health a priority.

Our mission is daunting, and change is intimidating but with a leader like Chief Garcia at our helm, we have HOPE in changing a culture for generations of Dallas Police Officers.

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