Joe King, Board Member, Podcast Host

Joe King, a stalwart with the Dallas Police Department for nearly 27 years, brings invaluable experience to our mission. Having spent almost two decades at the Southeast Division, four years in Legal, and currently serving in the Wellness Unit, Joe navigates the diverse facets of law enforcement with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our first responders.

In 2016, Joe found solace and support through the Assist the Officer confidential counseling program following the tragic events of the July 7th shootings. Touched by the Foundation's impact, he transitioned from beneficiary to volunteer, realizing the profound satisfaction that comes from aiding his fellow first responders and their families.

Beyond the badge, Joe dedicates his spare time to amplify the ATO’s message through the "Bridging the Divide" podcast, scheduling, recording, and promoting conversations that bridge the gap between first responders and the community. An ardent sports fan, movie enthusiast, and family man, Joe finds joy in diverse interests.

In addition to his role with ATO, Joe is an integral part of the Dickey Foundation Executive Board. Through this, he actively contributes to the mission of providing protective gear to first responders nationwide. Joe also takes the stage at various functions, advocating for the critical importance of addressing mental health in the first responder community.

Raised in Dallas, specifically the Oak Cliff area, Joe's love for the city and its community runs deep. He takes pride in the rich history of Texas and Dallas, cherishing the heritage that defines the Lone Star State. As a comic book and Star Wars enthusiast, he shares a unique connection with his nine-year-old daughter. Joe's commitment to service extends to his personal life, as evidenced by his recent marriage to Child Abuse Detective Kristen King, another dedicated city servant.

In Joe King, the Assist The Officer Foundation has not just a board member, but a passionate advocate and a living testament to the transformative power of support and solidarity within the first responder family. Together, we stand stronger.