Justin Bowen, Treasurer

Justin Bowen brings nearly two decades of experience with the Dallas Police Department, having served in various roles such as Southeast Patrol, Neighborhood Patrol Officer, and Property Crimes Investigator. Currently assigned to the Embezzlement Squad within the Financial Crimes Unit, Justin is a seasoned professional committed to the cause.

Discovering the mission of the Assist the Officer Foundation ignited a deep sense of purpose within Justin. His involvement with ATO has provided him with firsthand insight into the Foundation's impact on individual officers, units, and entire departments facing adversity. Proudly aligning himself with the Foundation's "difference makers," Justin actively serves behind the scenes.

Beyond his role as a first responder, Justin finds fulfillment in his family life. His devotion to his beautiful wife, Haydee, and their four children is a cornerstone of his identity. Raising their kids alongside Haydee is a source of immense joy and the greatest honor in Justin's life.

Born in Dallas and raised in Seagoville, Texas, Justin's roots run deep in the community he serves. His academic achievements include a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from LeTourneau University and a Master's Degree in Criminology from Texas A&M Commerce. Justin's blend of education and hands-on experience positions him as a well-rounded advocate for first responders.

In every aspect of his life, Justin Bowen embodies the values of service, compassion, and dedication. As a crucial member of the Assist the Officer Foundation's board, he contributes significantly to the success of the mission and serves as a steadfast supporter for those who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving our communities.