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In our 13th year, the Assist The Officer Foundation is proud to announce its selection as a Non-Profit Partner by Carry The Load. This partnership enables us to extend our support to more first responders, all while upholding the true significance of Memorial Day and shouldering the load of our fallen heroes. Every dollar raised through our Assist The Officer Company Team on Carry The Load directly contributes to supporting our first responders.

Getting involved is easy, and you don't have to attend a Carry The Load event to make a difference with us. By signing up, you can actively contribute to raising awareness and funds for this important cause. Join us in honoring and supporting our first responders through your participation.

How to Get Started


Carry The Load Ato Team

Next, in the upper right of the screen, choose Join Team (blue button) or make a donation (red Donate Now Button)

  • Donate Now (red button)
    • Fill out form and click the Process button to donate.
  • Join Team (blue button)
    • Select Option 1 - Memorial Fundraiser plus a shirt for $30
    • Select Option 2 - Memorial Fundraiser only, no fee to join.
    • Enter your fundraising goal (optional)
    • Make a donation to Carry The Load (optional)
    • Enter your information and complete registration

Connect your Fundraiser to Facebook

  • Recommended that you use a desktop/laptop to connect to Facebook.
  • Open another tab and make sure you are already logged into Facebook before starting.
  • In Participant Center, click Blue Text Box, Edit Fundraiser Content.  It will open into another window and will give you the option to re-edit your fundraising message.
  • When you are done, Save and Connect Fundraiser to Facebook.  This is an easy way to ask your family and friends to donate.
  • In Facebook, go to your Fundraiser page and post often about our Carry The Load Team.  It will automatically have a link attached to make a donation to our team.

Social Media

  • When posting pics on social media, use the following Hashtags
    • #CarryTheLoad
    • #WhoAreYouCarrying
    • #AssistTheOfficer
    • #ATODallas

If you have any questions, please reach out to ATO's Carry The Load contact: 

Joe Meno
ATO Board Member