Leroy Wood

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Officer Leroy Wood was accidentally shot and killed by his partner during a struggle with a suspect. The officers observed the man attempting to burglarize a business by using a butcher knife to pry open a window. A struggle ensued between Officer Wood and the suspect. His partner attempted to…


Johnnie C. Gibson

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Officer Johnnie Gibson was shot and killed while investigating a burglary at a drug store in the early morning hours. Officer Gibson and his partner observed a suspect standing in the store at 3:45am. They approached the store with their guns drawn when the suspect opened fire, striking Officer Gibson…


John Richard Crain

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Officer John Crain was shot and killed at approximately 3:30am while investigating a suspicious activity. While on patrol he noticed lights on in a pharmacy on Junius Road. As Officer Crain peers in to the window, a burglar inside shot him in the head with a .38 caliber handgun. Both…


Dexter Clayton Phillips

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Officer Dexter Phillips was killed when his motorcycle struck a pothole in a street, causing the motorcycle to fall on him. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Officer Phillips had served with the Dallas Police Department for three years. He was survived by…


Charles S. Swinney

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Officer Charles Swinney was shot and killed on Knox Street while patrolling the area’s business district. A struggle ensued when he confronted two suspicious men and one of the men shot him. Despite being mortally wounded, Officer Swinney was able to identify the suspects before dying. Both suspects were arrested.…


Clarence Marshall Isbell

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Officer Clarence Isbell was shot and killed while attempting to stop a speeding vehicle on Forest Avenue. As he pulled next to the vehicle to tell the driver to pull over, a shot was fired from inside the vehicle, striking Officer Isbell in the head. Two of the suspects fled…


Alexander W. Tealford

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Officer Alex Telford died after contracting an infection while conducting a prohibition raid. During the raid, Officer Tedford fell and tore ligaments in one of his legs. A blood clot and infection formed, causing his death. He was survived by his wife, daughter, and two sons. Officer Tedford’s brother, T.A>…


Sam Griffin Lanford

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Officer Griffin Lanford was shot and killed after he and his partner interrupted a burglary. Officer Lanford was fatally shot by the burglar. His partner was able to wound the suspect who was later arrested and executed. Officer Lanford had been with the Dallas Police Department for six years. He…


Jesse Emmett Griffin

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Officer Jesse Griffin was killed in a motorcycle accident while responding to a stabbing call. During his response another driver turned in front of him causing a collision. He succumbed to his injuries the next day. Officer Griffin had served with the Dallas Police Department for four years. He was…


Luke J. Bell

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Officer Luke Bell was shot and killed with his own handgun after recapturing a prisoner who escaped his custody. The officer was transporting three prisoners to jail when one fled. He caught up to the escapee who put his hands up as if to surrender. However, the man grabbed Officer…