Ernest Edmund Leonard, Jr.

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Officer Ernest Leonard was killed in a motorcycle accident while attempting to catch a speeder. Officer Leonard had served with the Dallas Police Department for two years. He was survived by his parents, four brothers, and sister.


John William Dieken

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Officer John Dieken was killed in a motorcycle accident while responding to a fire call. During his response another motorist turned in front of him causing a collision. He succumbed to his injuries the next day. The investigations revealed that the motorcycle Officer Dieken was riding had previously been involved…


John Rush Roberts

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Detective John Roberts was shot and killed after interrupting a gas station robbery. As he went for his service weapon, he was shot and killed by the robber. The suspect stole $8 and fled but was eventually apprehended. The 27-year-old suspect was an escapee from the North Caroline Penitentiary where…


Ralph Wendell Hoyt

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Officer Ralph Hoyt succumbed to injuries received the previous day when his motorcycle struck a roadway depression, and he was thrown off. He had been with the Dallas Police Department for nine months and was survived by his parents, sister, and two brothers.


Victor Leon Morris

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Officer Victor Morris was shot and killed with his own weapon while attempting to arrest a fare evader on a streetcar while off-duty. Officer Morris confronted the man, who then pulled out a knife. A struggle ensued and the suspect gained control of Officer Morris’s handgun and shot him in…


Ernest Elmer Bates

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Officer Ernest Bates succumbed to injuries received four months earlier when he was struck by a city bus. He was directing traffic at the intersection of Elm Street and Akard Street and was attempting to get out of the way of a car when he jumped in front of the…


Preston Daniel Hale

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Officer Preston Hale was killed in an aircraft accident while returning from a search for an abduction suspect. As he approached the airport, the plane he was piloting crashed. Officer Hale was a U.S. Army Air Force veteran of WWII and had served with the Dallas Police Department for over…


William Edward Stafford

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Officer William Stafford was killed after being struck by a vehicle during a traffic stop. As he was talking with the violator, another vehicle swerved off the roadway, striking both men. The driver of the car was charged with murder without malice but was not convicted. Officer Stafford had been…


Willis Wood “Johnny” Sides

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Officer Johnny Sides was shot and killed after he and his partner stopped a vehicle for running a red light. As they approached the vehicle, the four men opened fire on them, killed Officer Sides and wounding his partner. The suspects were arrested two days later in Arkansas. They were…


Leonard Clint Mullenax

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Officer Leonard Mullenax was shot and killed while on an undercover operation to buy illegal alcohol. During the purchase, a struggle ensued and Officer Mullenax was shot three times by the suspect. The man was not indicted for the murder because there were not enough witnesses. Officer Mullenax was a…