William H. Riddell

Officer William Riddell was shot and killed while he and his partner attempted to serve a warrant on a man for carrying a weapon.

The subject had been overheard saying that he would kill any officer who attempted to arrest him. As the officers entered his store, he immediately opened fire, killing Officer Riddell. His partner was able to return fire but did not strike the suspect.

The assistant police chief arrived at the scene minutes later and was able to arrest the man. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to hand, but that sentence was later commuted to life in prison. After serving 15 years, he was pardoned.

Officer Riddell had served with the Dallas Police Department for three years. He was survived by his wife and seven children. His son, Thomas Anderson Riddell, became an officer for the Dallas Police Department in 1899 and served until his retirement in 1932 as a sergeant. One of Riddell’s grandchildren, Harry Taylor Riddell, continued the family tradition and became and officer for the Dallas Police Department in 1923. He served until his retirement in 1955 as a captain.