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Supporting the Officers Who Serve and Protect Dallas

There are hundreds of officers and their families that need your assistance. The Assist the Officer Foundation is here to help. Please read the stories featured, and learn how you can help make a difference for a fallen officer. You will quickly discover that the men and women who serve you are very much like you…and need you, just as much as you need them.

Law enforcement officers serve and protect our communities.

They face tremendous work-related challenges daily, often risking their lives to ensure our safety. When an officer is injured, a setback can bring financial ruin – especially if the officer is the sole provider for a family. During recovery, the last thing an officer should have to worry about is how he or she will make ends meet.

We launched in 2004 to offer kind, confidential counseling service, exclusively for Dallas police officers.

The stress of everyday life can take a toll on almost anyone – add to that, the danger and stress of being a police officer – and sometimes life can be overwhelming. Our counseling program was designed for police officers, by police officers and professionals working together.

The Foundation will continue its growth by adding new programs to meet the needs of police officers in an ever-changing world

Supporting Officers And Their Families


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